List of Available Services

AM Data Preparation

With our data preparation software, MAMTEC will assist users by converting, editing, and repairing the uploaded STL file. The automated generation software will increase AM productivity by eliminating human error, a time-reduction usage using safer material.

Automate Support Generation

Our services includes offering an additive manufacturing support structure software with fully automated support generation that eliminates human error, saves material, reduces finishing work and reduce data preparation.

3D Printing

MAMTEC’s 3D printing technology is an additive printing services that will simplify the process to create objects by building up layers of material, while injection molding uses a mold that is filled with molten material that cools and hardens to produce parts and components.


Our Service Order Flow

  • 1. Upload

    Upload your 3D model with up to 30 files at one time by simply drag & drop your files.
  • 2. Rotate, Zoom, 3D Preview

    Review your uploaded model if it requires further retouch before submitting them to our experts.
  • 3. Get online Feedback by our experts

    Simplify your printing process by obtaining help from our professional designers, such that your uploaded models requires betterment or even rectifications.
  • 4. Pre-filled Quick Quote Generator

    Fill up the fields correspondingly and customise your material and finish according to your model’s needs.
  • 5. Get Instant Total Price

    View your automatically-generated Total Price from the Quick Quote sidebar.
  • 6. Proceed for online payment

    To complete your order, place your payment through the provided online payment gateway using SenangPay with VISA/Master/FPX.
  • 7. Products to be delivered to your doorstep

    We will get the preparation for printing process done and deliver them right to your doorstep!

Value-added Services

3D Scanning

Our 3D Scanning services offer a handheld-type with laser triangulation technology. With its capability of scanning unlimited size of physical model, the process scans into point cloud to be transformed into CAD data, easing the data cleanups and surfacing.

CAD Design

Design, dress-up and assemble your product draftings for additive manufacturing. Simplify your model post-processing by exporting the STL for STL rapid prototype, shorten the time for mesh clean-ups and mesh regeneration.

Optimizing Product & Parts

Debunking the conventional design process, MAMTEC’s optimization driven design process uses the symbiosis of topology optimization to minimise design lead time, half the weight, reduce the stress and also increasing the stiffness.

3D printing materials for all your needs, from prototyping to serial production we’ve got you covered.

SOMOS 9120

Somos® 9120 is a liquid photopolymer that produces robust, functional and accurate parts using stereolithography machines. The material offers superior chemical resistance and a wide processing latitude, thus making it useful in creating parts for applications where durability and robustness are critical requirements (e.g., automobile components, electronic housings, medical products, large panels and snap-fit parts).

Key benefits:

  • Translucent appearance
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Strong memory retention

ABS-Like KS 408/608 UV Resin

KS 408/608 UV Resin is a precise and high toughness ABS like resin for industrial SLA 3D printer. It is a popular 3D printing material for all kinds of models, esp. automotive. The liquid resin’s medium viscosity can recoat easily, improve dimensions retention of parts in humid condition.

Key benefits:

  • High quality controls for vacuum casting parts.
  • Color is more close to the ABS.
  • Outstanding machinable SLA material