MAMTEC 3D Printing Service Bureau

Boasting a comprehensive in-house toolset, MAMTEC 3D Service Bureau is a Malaysian based portal that offers a turnkey Additive Manufacturing Print-to-Product work-flow and serial-production service that includes CAD design,  parts optimization, 3D printing and finishing.
Get design feedback from our experienced engineering team. A team, trained in Design for Additive Manufacturing, which has helped thousands of customers bring their products to market with quality 3D-printed parts. We will work with you to determine the optimal part design and orientation, based on your application requirements.

Our Training Packages Available

Altair Inspire for Design Optimization & Analysis

A tailored training to do simulation and analysis of 3D models which gives new solution for innovative designers, engineers, and digital artists to optimize their designs for real-world applications. The training will include global certification with advance level in optimization.
  • Analysis, Connections, Topology Optimization

  • Topography, Gauge, Fastener Optimization

  • User Interface, Model Analysis, Structural Linear Analysis

  • Post-processing & Design Studies

CATIA V5 Design Training for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

A tailored training to design for manufacturability using 3D printers. The modules must cover element such as part design, assembly design, dress-up features. The training will include global certification with specialist level in mechanical design.
  • Part Design: Solid Modelling, Boolean Operation

  • Generative Shape Design

  • STL Rapid Prototype

  • Certification Preparation

MATERIALISE Training for 3D Printing Processes

A tailored training focusing on 3D parts management and measurements, STL Editing and Fixing and Build preparation before going into 3D SLA printing. This training includes training on operating the 3D SLA Printer as well as post—processing works. The training will have a completion certification for 3D SLA Printing and Operations.
  • AM Landscape, AM Process & Materials

  • Part Management & Measurement

  • Advance Fixing & STL Editing

  • Post-Topology Optimization Texturing

  • Parts Printing Review