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Our Focus

Understanding our customers’ needs is the key to bring their projects to the next level.


With our years of experience, we are able to bring new 3D-concepts to the table and view the customer projects from a fresh angle.


Design for Additive Manufacturing is key to reach the full potential out of your 3D-design.

A comprehensive approach is the only way to optimise and print your parts for cost-effective and efficient additive manufacturing production. MAMTEC is the first online 3D Printing Service Bureau in Malaysia spearheaded by the government for the industries.


Years of Experience

We have assisted the rapid growth of new technologies and adapting it to the right industries.

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We help companies tackle their most ambitious projects and build new capabilities

Engineers & Specialists

Extensive pool of experts and specialists ready to serve from 3D optimizations, scanning, build and printing.



The course offers a training & industrial approach toward the task of reverse engineering for product development, optimization process and CAD modelling to develop rapid prototype model. Theoretical knowledge of concept and methodology in reverse engineering technology, design process and rapid tooling are demonstrated and explained.


  • Perform reverse engineering processes and techniques through the digitizing scanning methods.
  • Familiarize with optimization process using CAE tool.
  • Generate CAD model from scanned data/CMM
  • Trainees will be able to demonstrate simulation driven design method and approach in additive manufacturing for industrial products.
  • Knowledge in conceptual design and engineering design for industrial products with additive manufacturing process.
  • Manipulate CAD data for Rapid prototype.
  • Perform prototyping and rapid tooling operations in the production of new products
This course is claimable under Scheme SBL-Khas with HRD Corp



To give the audience the taste of industrial expectation to become capable FEA/CAE Engineer in identifying, solving, give technical judgment and convey important message in engineering problem using FEA/CAE tools. 


Participants are expected to understand typical industry approach of applying FEA/CAE tools and the process involves in solving industrial engineering problems.

  • ​Trainees will be given introduction to FEA/CAE and utilize Altair SIMLAB as the key software.
  • Exposed to Industrial Approach in Simulation with hands-on module for extracting key information from client datasheet.
  • Perform analysis on lifting bracket design as a fundamental subject for Industrial Load Case.
  • Explore Altair SIMLAB for geometry cleanups, pre-processing such as meshing, load application and boundary conditioning and post-processing.
  • Interpreting results with displacements, stress and standard evaluations.
  • Exposed to Professional FEA/CAE Report Writing.
This course is currently offered for FREE under MARii for a limited time only.

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